ForeFlight Charts 1.0: iPhone Sectionals and Terminal Charts

We’re proud to announce our newest iPhone app: ForeFlight Charts 1.0! ForeFlight Charts makes exploring FAA VFR Sectional Charts and planning simple routes of flight a breeze! Effortlessly zoom through the airspace along a route of flight, compute the estimated time en-route and fuel burn, or calculate total trip distance.

  • Pinch, drag, and zoom FAA Sectional Charts in the continental United States, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.
  • Zoom into major airports to see FAA Terminal Charts.
  • Draw a route of flight using two or more airport identifiers, ground speed, and fuel burn.
  • Airport elevation and tower/CTAF frequencies displayed within airport markers.
  • ‘Follow Me’ functionality that uses the iPhone’s location support to enable moving map functionality.
  • Display ground speed, true course, and altitude when in Follow Me mode.
  • Rotation support for browsing charts and routes in landscape mode.
  • Default settings for ground speed and fuel burn.

Give your Preflight Intelligence™ toolbox a boost and download Charts 1.0 today!  ForeFlight Charts v1.0 is available in the iPhone App Store for $9.99/year (USD).

ForeFlight Charts Thumbnails

2 thoughts on “ForeFlight Charts 1.0: iPhone Sectionals and Terminal Charts

  1. Does this require an internet connection at the time of use, or are all charts stored on the unit? That is, can the product be used on the iPod touch when there is no WiFi in the VC?

    • Aviatrix,

      The current version does require a network connection to work – this means that an ipod touch would need a wifi signal. However, stay tuned b/c a future version will allow downloading the maps to your handheld: removing the need to be online.

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