ForeFlight Mobile HD v3.6.1 for iPad and iPhone

A new update to ForeFlight Mobile HD is available in the App Store!  v3.6.1 brings performance enhancements and fine tuning that is a direct result of visiting with customers at AirVenture. It was a great show, we’re thrilled to have met so many of you!

✣ Greatly enhanced IFR cleared routes support, including more history and more recently flown GA routes
✣ Expanded international navaid support. Use country prefix and ident to find int’l navaids (e.g. “CA:YQZ”)
✣ Fixed a bug causing airports view to sometimes appear ‘squished’
✣ Bring Your Own Procedures (BYOP) now supports nested folders and improved filename support
✣ BYOP support for iPhone
✣ Composite NEXRAD for US and Canada
✣ Added additional confirmation step when deleting data
from Downloads
✣ Downloads now auto-correct selections in the event user preferences are lost during a sync to iTunes or app update
✣ Additional Download validation checks
✣ Fixed a bug on the flight plan filing spinners introduced by iOS update 4.0.1
✣ Improved Fast App Switching support
✣ Improved user preferences management that prevents subscription hiccups after iOS or app updates
✣ Touch planning bug fix that prevents an app crash in some waypoint deletion instances
✣ Fixed a bug that would inhibit animated radar display when the auto-center switch was enabled

Click here for information on updating your iPad or iPhone to get this latest version.