ForeFlight Mobile HD 4 Lands in App Store

ForeFlight Mobile HD 4 is available for download today in iTunes App Store! This release takes ForeFlight forward in delightful ways and lays the groundwork for brilliant features to come in 2011. The goals and themes we kept in mind in developing version 4 include:

  • Add legend and A/FD data: provide the chart legend data and make the airport pages of the “green” A/FDs accessible. Provide this information in an interesting way. Include airspace information, MOA operating hours and frequencies, tower hours, and more.
  • Improve instrument plate organization and productivity: make it simple for both VFR and IFR pilots to organize sets of plates and airport diagrams for trips or practice sessions, and make switching between a plate, airport details page, or map simple.
  • Improve the way pilots interact with the map: allow a pilot to tap anywhere on the map for information on airspace, MOAs, alert and warning areas, or airports.
  • Radically improve the navigation log: provide the pilot more inflight intelligence about trip progress and allow customization of the dashboard to show desired trip information like ETEs, ETAs, course information, or other important stats. Auto-sequence waypoints and visually distinguish previous, current, and future trip legs. Make the new navlog design and configurable dashboard smart and sexy.
  • Introduce personal waypoints: give the backcountry pilot, a Gulf helicopter pilot, or CFI flying to the practice area the ability to add custom waypoints and use them in flight plans. Let the pilot configure waypoints from the map or import their own database of waypoints.
  • Performance, performance, performance: make everything faster and smoother; hunt down and kill a couple of bugs that have eluded us for a while.
  • Make ForeFlight Mobile HD 4 a platform for the future: put the plumbing in place for the big features we plan to release in 2011 and cut ties with technology that would inhibit achieving our goals.
We’ve hit each of these goals in ForeFlight Mobile HD 4 and the app is ready for you to take it around the block. The Pilots’ Guide to ForeFlight – available from our support page – is updated with the latest ForeFlight 4 features.  A media kit including high resolution screenshots is also available on our website. All the version 4 details follow!

Integrated FAA A/FD

There’s just some information that is only available in those green A/FDs. Now appearing on an airports page is a new segment titled “A/FD”. Click that and you’ll see the relevant page for that airport from the FAA’s A/FD.

All New Navlog

The new navlog design is sexy, sexy, sexy. Pilots have written in frequently asking “how hard is it to included ETE and ETA!”. Well, ETE and ETA aren’t hard to compute. However, displaying that information in ForeFlight style takes a bit of extra chiseling. Now available from the Maps page is a new, full-width navlog that shows important metrics like summary trip information, leg times and distances remaining, and ETA. Current leg is shown in black, previous legs are faded, and you can fly a leg or fly direct to a waypoint by tapping the new arrow icon shown on each leg.

Configurable Dashboard

“Make it so that I can configure my dashboard”. Done! Tap on any of the blocks in the dashboard and select the instrument you want displayed. You can choose from fifteen different instrument types, including ETE to waypoint and destination, ETA to waypoint and destination, cross-track error, baring to next or destination, zulu time, GPS Accuracy, and more.

Interactive Map with Airspace Information

Need to know what airspace you

Personal Waypoints