Letters to ForeFlight: “Lifesavers”

Subject: Lifesavers

Hi Guys,

Once more I want to compliment you guys on your product and your outstanding response time to questions and issues.

More importantly I want to thank you for averting a potentially dangerous situation. While departing KTEB yesterday in N***** on the RUUDY TWO (RNAV) SID, in IMC, (5nm from KEWR) we experienced some mild turbulence.

The other pilot was in the process of changing a frequency on the Garmin 530W when he inadvertently bumped the data card door. The unit apparently thought that we had installed a new data card and initiated a 30 second power down and then a restart. We could not stop the process and were out of Navigation and Communication for approximately 1.5 minutes (seemed a lot longer). When the unit came back on line our rather complex flight plan had been wiped.

Fortunately I had ForeFlight programmed and running on my iPad and was able to complete the turns to our next two fixes and stay on course.

Thanks Again,