ForeFlight Mobile and iOS 5

The keynote is over and the ForeFlighters are now gobbling up sessions at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco, CA. Sunday night was the meat feast at a local churrascaria with a slate of top-notch iOS compatriots, Monday morning was a 4 am rise to get in line for the keynote (along with some Twitter platform developers). Last night was dinner with ex-Googler pilots, and then some “wild” iOS evening par-tay (as wild as a dev party can get).

After all that, we returned to an email inbox stuffed with a bunch of these, which is typical after the announcement of any new iOS:

I just downloaded iOS X.X and ForeFlight isn’t working! Help! Please fix and issue and update ASAP!

Now that so many ForeFlighters are in the Apple Developer Program, email volume like the above has grown.

What does it mean if you’re running a bleeding edge iOS version and ForeFlight? Welcome to the unofficial beta team!

You’re now running a beta OS and will be subject to the niggles that inevitably result from apps running on yet-to-be-officially supported iOS version. Every major iOS update since version 1 has required the use of a fine toothed comb to pull through every view and subsystem of ForeFlight Mobile to make sure it is compatible and stable. This major iOS update – which is *enormous* – is no different.

If you’re wanting to live on the bleeding edge AND you need a daily driver for ForeFlight, we recommend doing what we do: carry two devices. One for reliable daily driving and one for testing out the latest iOS features. Otherwise, you may be in for a period of turbulence as devs, including us, work to make their apps fully iOS 5 compatible.

Send along any findings you discover while living on the bleeding edge and we’ll work to remedy them. But, the new iOS won’t be officially supported until it goes G.M. in the fall. We’re as excited about the new iOS as anyone, but it will take some cycles to bring the app forward.

We’re looking forward to taking full advantage of the new features unveiled during the keynote.