ForeFlight Mobile and Stratus 2 Love

Very happy the S2 is performing so well for pilots and love the great feedback it is  getting.

Wouldn’t have even tried a flight this close to a line of severe tstorms without @ForeFlight and Stratus.  via Twitter


Stratus by @ForeFlight helped me stay safe and dodge dangerous thunderstorms this week. Thanks guys! via Twitter

Why use the Stratus + Foreflight?

My original IFR flight plan this morning had me departing KOFP – direct TAPPA – direct GRACO – direct LRP – direct KABE. At departure, the weather radar and forecast did not show OR predict what you see in the attached photo. The black star is GRACO; you can imagine my flight would not have been nearly as pleasant for me OR my wife…

You can also see that I requested and was able to change my flight plan to take me well east of the heavy returns and it was a wonderful flight; 25 knot tailwinds, occasional runs through clouds, smooth air, and 1 hour of actual IMC.