Synthetic Vision and Forecast Weather Guidance with MOS in ForeFlight Mobile 6.6

ForeFlight Mobile 6.6 is now available for download on the app store.

Synthetic Vision Advances ForeFlight Mobile’s Hazard Awareness Platform

We are thrilled to announce that Synthetic Vision plans are available on the iPad with ForeFlight Mobile version 6.6 or later and are available for United States and Canada coverages. ForeFlight Mobile Basic + Synthetic Vision is $99.99/year, ForeFlight Mobile Pro USA + Synthetic Vision is $174.99/year, and ForeFlight Mobile Pro Canada + Synthetic Vision is $174.99/year.

Synthetic Vision takes our hazard awareness platform to the next level with a three dimensional representation of terrain and obstacle hazards, airport markers, runways, and water features. Check out our highlight video narrated by mapping team member and lead developer for Synthetic Vision, Malcolm Toon, and also visit our web page to learn more about Synthetic Vision.

How To Buy Synthetic Vision

For existing customers: As an existing customer, upgrading to a Synthetic Vision plan requires that you renew your existing subscription. When you renew/upgrade on our website, you’ll receive a credit for the unused time on your existing subscription plan which then applies to the combined renewal/upgrade purchase price.

To change plans, login at or go to and use the email address associated with your account. iTunes credit or gift cards may not be used towards Synthetic Vision upgrades for existing accounts.

For new customers: As a new customer, you can purchase a ForeFlight Mobile + Synthetic Vision plan via the App Store or via our website at iTunes credits and gift cards may be used towards the purchase via the App Store.

ForeFlight Mobile Expands Forecast Weather Guidance with MOS

ForeFlight Mobile 6.6 also delivers a new forecast weather product called MOS for better preflight weather briefings. MOS enables local weather forecasters to create TAF-like forecasts for airports not served by official National Weather Service TAFs. MOS is great for aviation use because it updates hourly and can be highly tailored for local weather effects. Our Weather Scientist, Scott Dennstaedt, wrote this article to explain more about MOS. The MOS feature is available to Basic and Pro subscribers.

Access the MOS forecast in the Maps view by tapping on an airport.

Access the MOS forecast in the Maps view by tapping on an airport.

Additional updates

ForeFlight Mobile Standard is now ForeFlight Mobile Basic. Same great features and price, just a different name.

ForeFlight Mobile Version 6.6 Is Available On The App Store

ForeFlight Mobile version 6.6 is a free download for subscribers via the Apple Store. For additional information, be sure to review our Pilot’s Guide. You can also download the Pilot’s Guide onto your device using the built-in catalog in the Documents view.