Update: Apple iOS 9.3.2 and ForeFlight

UPDATE June 6, 2016: We have finished testing the updated version of iOS 9.3.2 with the 9.7″ iPad Pro and can give the “all-clear” to upgrade. All iOS devices are now cleared to upgrade to iOS 9.3.2.

UPDATE June 3, 2016: Apple has released an updated version of iOS 9.3.2 for the 9.7″ iPad Pro. We are in the process of testing this new version with ForeFlight to ensure compatibility, and will advise when testing is completed. Again, this only applies to the 9.7″ iPad Pro and iOS 9.3.2 – all other devices, including the full-size iPad Pro, are cleared to upgrade to iOS 9.3.2 at this time.

UPDATE May 26, 2016: We are ready to issue an “all-clear” for customers to update their devices to iOS 9.3.2. Please note that iOS 9.3.2 is not available for the 9.7″ iPad Pro. Feel free to download and install the update on other devices at your convenience.

ORIGINAL POST May 17, 2016: We are in the final stages of compatibility testing between ForeFlight and the newly released iOS 9.3.2 to ensure that everything is working smoothly. We will update this post with an “all-clear” when testing is completed.