New Atlanta STARs Published

The FAA is publishing ten new RNAV STARs for the Atlanta Metroplex, eight for KATL and two for nearby satellite airports, to replace existing procedures. All ten of the new STARs will appear in ForeFlight as part of the October 12 chart data cycle, however, the eight KATL STARs will not become active until the 17th. Attempting to file with those procedures before the 17th will likely result in a rejection from ATC, so you should wait until after the 17th to file them as part of a flight plan. You can begin filing with the two satellite STARs on the October 12 effective date.

These are the eight new KATL STARs and the existing procedures that they are replacing (the last four are our favorites):

The new STARs for KATL will become active on October 17.

These are the two new satellite STARs and the existing procedures that they are replacing:

The new Atlanta satellite STARs became active on October 12.