Better App Search, Airspace in Profile View, Automatic Downloads, and More in ForeFlight 10

ForeFlight 10 is here! Expanded search capability provides results from multiple app views so you can find what you need faster, a collection of powerful new airspace features help you stay aware of (or away from) airspace along your route, and automatic chart and data downloads keep you up to date and ready to fly. Other improvements include an extended GDL 90 protocol for third-party devices and an interactive map for Pack. Read on to get the details and watch the videos!

Please note that ForeFlight 10 requires iOS 10.3 or higher.

Expanded App Search Delivers Results You Need – Fast

The Airports, Maps, and Plates views now share a unified search capability that supports a wider range of search types making it easier and faster to find what you’re looking for.

When connected to the internet, search for cities, states, countries, addresses, street intersections, and even business and place names (e.g. “Central Park”). These new search types help operators pinpoint exact locations for missions like urban search and rescue. Other supported search types include navaids by name, airports, procedures, aircraft registration, and scheduled flights. Recent search history recalls previous searches and saves them for offline use.

Search is fast, flexible, and smart, offering suggestions as you type and prioritizing results based on which app view you’re on. For example, searching for an airport identifier on the Airports and Maps views puts airport results at the top of the list, while the same search on Plates displays procedures for that airport at the top of the list.

Airspace in Profile View

ForeFlight’s Profile View now includes an interactive vertical cross-section of controlled, MOA, SUA, and TFR airspace along your planned route or flight track. Combined with terrain and obstacles, Airspace in Profile View gives you a single view to help plan and navigate around hazards and complex airspace.

You can tap on any airspace shown in Profile View to display airspace name and type, floor and ceiling details, and TFR effective times. With airspace selected, the main map automatically zooms to and highlights the airspace, allowing you to see exactly where your route intersects from a top-down perspective.

Use the Ruler tool (press two fingers on the map simultaneously) to pan around the map and watch Profile View depict what is between your fingertips.

Profile View is available in Pro Plus plans and above.

Automatic Airspace Highlighting

ForeFlight’s data-driven Aeronautical Maps now highlight airspace along your route while dimming other airspace, making it easy to focus on the airspaces that matter for your flight. ForeFlight automatically highlights any airspace within +/- 1,000 feet of your altitude and within 1-nautical mile on either side of your route. Adjust your route or altitude, and ForeFlight smoothly updates the on-screen depiction.

ForeFlight considers the flight’s climb, cruise, and descent trajectory to highlight nearby airspace. Once in flight, ForeFlight uses your current altitude to determine which airspaces to highlight, and looks ahead to highlight airspace along your current heading, even if not directly on your route.

Global Airspace Details

ForeFlight’s Maps view now features Jeppesen-sourced global airspace information for FIRs, UIRs, controlled airspace, and special use airspace. Tap-hold anywhere on the map to see a list of airspaces at that location, then tap “Details” to find more information.

Different types of airspace provide different amounts of information: controlled airspace shows basic information about the class of airspace and altitude limits. Special use airspace and MOAs add to this with information about communication frequencies, activation hours, and the controlling agency. Flight information regions (FIRs) and upper information regions (UIRs) have even more detailed information, listing center, control, and radio frequencies; RVSM cruise tables; and operational notes required for transnational and oceanic flights.

Automatic Downloads Reduce Preflight Workload

Eliminate the little red notification on the More tab without having to tap anything! ForeFlight will now automatically download chart and data updates when connected to internet via Wi-Fi to ensure that you always have current charts and data.

ForeFlight will automatically download chart and data updates when they become available.

Note that charts downloaded using Pack or charts you are no longer “subscribed” to in Download Settings will not receive automatic updates. Make sure you select all the charts, data, and regions you need in More > Downloads > Download Settings.



Extended GDL 90 Protocol for Third-Party Devices

ForeFlight's extended GDL 90 protocol enables more connectivity for third-party devices

ForeFlight allows third-party devices to transmit live inflight data to ForeFlight Mobile using the industry-standard GDL 90 Data Interface Specification. Properly configured devices will be able to send GPS data, ADS-B weather and traffic, AHRS, and device-specific information like device name and serial number to ForeFlight.

The full data specification is available on our website at

Other Noteworthy Improvements

  • The Pack window on Maps and Flights now includes an interactive map showing your route and the “Pack corridor”, which extends for 25 nautical miles on either side of your route. Pack downloads weather and NOTAMs within this corridor, ensuring you have access to this important data while offline in the air.
    Pack now includes a map showing the download corridor.
  • For Performance customers, PDC badges now appear throughout the app on airports that support the pre-departure clearance service.
  • On devices with force-touch capability, tap-hold the ForeFlight icon for quick access to New Flight, Nearest Airports, Maps, and Logbook views.
  • On ForeFlight’s web application, the Flights tab for planning and filing flight plans now has a more condensed so you can access more fields at once.

Finally, please note the following:

  • Profile View is available for Pro Plus subscribers and above.
  • As a feature of ForeFlight’s Aeronautical Map, Airspace Highlighting requires a “Plus” subscription plan.
  • ForeFlight 10 requires iOS 10.3 or higher
  • Airspace in Profile and Airspace Highlighting require iOS 11 or higher.