ForeFlight Announces Former American Airlines Chairman and CEO Joins Board of Directors

Photo-of-Tom-HortonFrom the NBAA 2014 convention in Orlando, FL this week, we are pleased to announce that Thomas Horton, former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of American Airlines, has joined ForeFlight’s Board of Directors. Here are the additional details from the media release:

“We are thrilled to have Tom working with all of us to shape ForeFlight’s future,” says Tyson Weihs, co-founder and CEO of ForeFlight. “Tom brings his years of commercial aviation experience and, as an avid instrument rated pilot and ForeFlight Mobile fan, he shares the passion for aviation we have at ForeFlight.”

Tom adds: ”ForeFlight is leading the way as an innovator bringing technology and aviation together. I’m pleased to be working with Tyson and the team to grow and build a fine company.”

Horton’s career spans a variety of markets and disciplines, including top leadership positions in commercial aviation, telecommunications, finance, global business alliances, and operations. He earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Baylor University and a Master of Business Administration from Southern Methodist University.

About Thomas Horton

Thomas Horton served as the Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer of AMR Corporation until it merged with US Airways Group to form American Airlines Group, Inc. He then served as Chairman of American Airlines Group, Inc. and American Airlines. Tom also serves on the Board of Directors for Qualcomm, a leading developer and innovator of advanced wireless technologies and data solutions. He is an avid instrument rated pilot and a frequent flyer with ForeFlight products.

ForeFlight and Able Flight Announce New Flight Training Scholarships

Able Logo w shad 2 largeWe are pleased to announce our continued support of Able Flight over the next three years via a new series of ForeFlight/Able Flight flight training scholarships. We admire and are inspired by the hard work and commitment the Able Flight pilots put forth to earn their wings. Helping Able Flight to transform the lives of people with disabilities through the gift of flight is a very rewarding way for us to give back to the aviation community.

Able Flight’s mission is to offer people with disabilities a unique way to challenge themselves through flight and aviation career training, and by doing so, to gain greater self-confidence and self-reliance.

The first recipient of the ForeFlight/Able Flight Scholarship will be in 2015. In addition, Able Flight will be hosting its Annual Benefit Party for the Scholarship Fund in ForeFlight’s headquarter city, Houston, TX, next May. To learn more about Able Flight and to apply for a scholarship, visit

Bulletin: Canada High Resolution Terrain Data Update

New High Resolution Terrain downloads are available for Canada. This update addresses an issue where terrain heights could be displayed lower than their actual values in areas north of 59 degrees latitude.

All customers who have selected Canada High Resolution Terrain will be prompted to download this update inside of ForeFlight Mobile and should do so immediately.

Welcoming Scott Dennstaedt

At ForeFlight we know from first hand experience that weather plays a critical role in aviation and is often the number one worry that a pilot faces before and during flight.  To better serve that critical need, we are excited to announce that Scott Dennstaedt has joined the ForeFlight team.

Scott has been well-known for his aviation weather expertise for many years, and will now  lead the ForeFlight team in the role of Weather Scientist.  His background and experience as a CFI, research meteorologist, and founder of the excellent provide a unique set of qualifications that will help ForeFlight remain the gold standard among pilots for flight planning and in-flight support.

Scott’s overall mission will be to set the direction of the ForeFlight app with respect to aviation weather. This will include advancing the capabilities of the preflight weather briefing while increasing the pilot’s weather awareness in-flight.

We couldn’t be happier to have Scott on the team, and we’re excited to move the state-of-the-art forward in aviation weather.  If you have any ideas to pass along to Scott or the team, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Bulletin: October 16, 2014 Server Maintenance – COMPLETE

Update – this server maintenance was completed.  All systems are back online.

We will be performing upgrades on our servers during the night of Thursday, October 16, 2014 between 11:30pm CT – 1:30am CT.  Services including flight plan filing, weather retrieval, and data downloads will be intermittently available between during this period.

We will post an update to this bulletin once the upgrades have been completed.

Bulletin: Alaska High Resolution Terrain Data Update

New High Resolution Terrain downloads are available for Alaska. This update addresses an issue where terrain heights could be displayed lower than their actual values in areas north of 59 degrees latitude.

All customers who have selected Alaska High Resolution Terrain will be prompted to download this update inside of ForeFlight Mobile and should do so immediately.

Bulletin: October 18 and September 18 Data Updates

Data updates are now available to download for the October 16, 2014 – November 13, 2014 period:

  • Airport and Navigation Database.
  • ForeFlight Airport Diagrams, with a total of more than 1,200 diagrams on October 16.
  • North American Obstacles.
  • VFR Charts and Terminal Area Charts.

Data updates are also available for our Military Flight Bag customers:

  • Global airport, navigation, and airway coverage from the Digital Aeronautical Flight Information File.
  • Georeferenced worldwide D-FLIP Terminal Procedures.
  • Georeferenced worldwide D-FLIP Airport Diagrams.
  • AFR High Enroutes, Area Charts.
  • EEA High Enroutes, Area Charts.
  • ENAME High and Low Enroutes, Area Charts.
  • Airfield Qualification Program (AQP) diagrams.
  • Airfield Suitability and Restrictions Report (Giant Report).
  • Airport/Facility Directory.

Data updates are also available for the September 18, 2014 – November 13, 2014 period:

  • Canada IFR Low Charts have been updated to include Terminal Area Charts for our ForeFlight Canada customers.
  • The North Central A/FD Supplemental document has been updated to correct Airport Diagrams at KBIS and KFAR.

All customers will be prompted to download these updates inside of ForeFlight Mobile.

Bulletin: Terrain in Alaska and Canada

We have determined that there are areas in Alaska and Canada north of 59 degrees latitude where ForeFlight Mobile can display a lower terrain height than the actual value. This terrain information is used inside ForeFlight Mobile in the Terrain Map, Hazard Advisor, Terrain Profile, and the AGL and MSA cockpit instruments. This impacts geographical areas north of 59 degrees latitude, which includes the majority of Alaska and northern areas of Canada.

We are investigating the issue and will release a fix as soon as possible.

ForeFlight and Comply365 Collaborate on Customer Solutions

This week ForeFlight team members are participating in the Comply365 Third Annual Connections365 education and networking conference in Dallas, Texas. Comply365 serves many industries, including aviation, as a leader in mobile enterprise optimization software. We are pleased to announce two integrations with Comply365 that simplify operations for flight departments.

Comply365 dashboard with ForeFlight quick link.

Comply365 dashboard with quick link to ForeFlight Mobile.

Comply365 Connector for ForeFlight Mobile is a software solution that enables a seamless first time sign-on and authentication capability for ForeFlight Mobile via Comply365’s MyMobile365 dashboard. The solution simplifies deployment of ForeFlight Mobile to large enterprise pilot groups. Customers using the Comply365 Connector tap a ForeFlight icon on the MyMobile365 dashboard and pilots are immediately authorized to use ForeFlight Mobile without additional setup steps.

Ownship position shown with ForeFlight Mobile's runway proximity advisor.

Ownship position shown with ForeFlight Mobile’s runway proximity advisor.

In addition to the Connector, ForeFlight and Comply365 collaborated on a solution to simplify the processes required to obtain FAA authorization for the display of aircraft Ownship position on airport maps. ForeFlight’s Taxi Data Recorder (built upon the Track Log platform) collects GPS taxi data from many pilots within an operation, uploads the data to the cloud, and exports it into the Comply365 MyMobile365 dashboard. The Taxi Data Recorder dashboard makes it easy to start workflows and support analysis for Airport Moving Map Ownship approvals.

At ForeFlight, we are always excited about finding ways to make a pilot’s work simpler and to make flight operations safer. Expanding the capability of our Taxi Data Recorder to Comply365 customers gives those operators a powerful solution to simplify the data collection and analysis work required to support Ownship authorization. The ability to have Ownship position for ground operations increases situational awareness and could lead to reduced runway incursions. We look forward to more innovations with Comply365 to make customers more productive and efficient.

If you are interested in using the ForeFlight Mobile Taxi Data Recorder to pursue Ownship position authorization, contact us at

ForeFlight Mobile Version 6.3.2 is Ready for iOS 8

ForeFlight Mobile version 6.3.2 is now available on the App Store. This update brings performance improvements, a few bug fixes, and most importantly support for iOS 8 landing today, and iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus available on September 19. We recommend all Stratus customers download this update as it improves app performance while connected.

Preparing for iOS 8

We want ForeFlight apps to work well with the new operating system on the day it is released. Customers upgrade to new app and iOS versions quickly, so to prepare as much as possible we began testing with iOS 8 in June when Apple made the beta builds available to developers.

Since many pilots rely on apps like ForeFlight Mobile as a primary source of charts and maps, we prescribe conservatism when it comes to software upgrades. If you rely heavily on apps for your daily flying, we recommend waiting for the first Apple iOS 8 maintenance update. iOS is a remarkably stable platform and Apple has a track record of quickly releasing minor updates to address any major issues that are uncovered. However, all new operating systems have undiscovered bugs that need fixing and may cause unexpected device or app issues.

If you are anxious to explore the new iOS, then go ahead and update. However, be prepared for light to moderate chop from apps not yet optimized for iOS 8 or from unexpected operating system bugs. We recommend a test flight or two with iOS 8 and any apps you depend on before launching into IMC.

Click here to read more about our iOS 8 preflight briefing.

One More Thing

Apple’s automatic app update feature is convenient, however we encourage pilots to disable this feature. When enabled, this feature can create a situation where the apps you rely upon to fly safely update automatically before you have a chance to review and ground test the changes prior to flight. To disable, go to Settings, scroll down to iTunes and App Store on the left, and turn the switch OFF for Automatic Downloads – Updates.

ForeFlight Mobile 6.3.2 is a free update from the App Store and is available to all current customers. Click here for instructions on updating to the latest version.