ForeFlight Mobile 6.0 Now Available On The App Store

ForeFlight Mobile 6 is now available for download from the App Store. This release is full of new features and sets the stage for even more to come. This update brings a refined interface throughout the app, a new Profile view, additions to flight plan filing capabilities, enhancements to Stratus, and more. Please note this update requires iOS 7.1 or higher. Here are the new features in detail:

Refined Interface

Refine has been a theme for us and so we have gone through every page and view of the app to create a more consistent interface with better readability and contrast, without fundamentally changing the app experience. Here are some screen shots to help compare the previous look with the new refinements (click on the first image to start the carousel):

No Sneak Peaks With Profile View

The new Profile view takes our Hazard Advisor feature into vertical mode and gives you a side view of terrain and obstacles along your planned route. With dynamic color alerting you will know at a glance whether your selected altitude will keep you clear of terrain and obstacle hazards. In flight, Profile shows your current altitude in relation to obstacles or terrain ahead of your track. Profile is a ForeFlight Pro and iPad only feature.

Profile view in flight

Profile view in flight

Here’s a video to walk you through the new Profile feature:

To get started with Profile, open the NavLog/Route Editor box. You will see the new mode option in the lower right:

Profile mode button

Profile mode button

Planning With Profile

To use Profile for flight planning, begin by entering a departure and destination into the editor and tap the Profile button to view the vertical cross-section of your route. Tap and drag the altitude box up and down to adjust your altitude and you will see the dynamic interaction with obstacles and terrain.

Tap-hold to move the altitude box

Tap-hold on the altitude box, then drag up and down to adjust your altitude selection

Along the top of the Profile box, you will see three values to help you plan your route clear of hazards:

Top bar of Profile view displays your clearance status

The top bar of Profile view displays your clearance status

  • Highest is the height of the highest terrain or obstacle along your route.
  • Clearance is the amount of vertical clearance you have over that highest terrain or obstacle along your route.
  • First Strike is the distance in nautical miles from your origin or current position where your first impact with terrain or an obstacle would be based on your current planned altitude.

The text color (and terrain color) changes according to our standard hazard alerting feature: yellow for terrain or obstacle between 1000’ and 100’ below your aircraft and red for higher hazards.

The middle band of the Profile is the graphical depiction of your route. The Profile automatically scales to show your entire route. You can zoom in and out with a two-finger pinch and spread gesture; pan by swiping left or right; drag the altitude box up and down to adjust the altitude. If your proposed altitude intersects an obstacle or terrain ahead, the sky area will change from blue to red at the point of first strike.

To make planning easier, the altitude selected in Profile mode is reflected back in the Edit view.

Changing your altitude in the Profile view also updates the Edit view

Changing your altitude in the Profile view also updates the Edit view

Routes within North America will display obstacles along your route depicted as thick vertical lines that change color based on your clearance height. Be sure to download obstacle and terrain data for offline use in the Download manager.

Obstacles in the Profile view

Obstacles shown in the Profile view

Waypoints along your route are depicted as white vertical lines and the waypoint name appears along the bottom of the Profile view.

Waypoints in the Profile view

Waypoints shown in the Profile view

You can also view the Profile of a ruler selection on the Maps view. Activate the ruler with a touch-hold gesture with two fingers on the Map. The Profile view will change to encompass just the area of the ruler. Tap away from the ruler to reset the Profile.

Tap hold with two fingers to display a Profile view for the ruler tool.

Touch-hold with two fingers to display a Profile view for the ruler tool

Touch-hold with one finger in the Profile to display the clearance tool. Drag your finger across the profile to see your clearance at each point along the route. As you do that, notice that the “dot” progresses along your route line and its color changes to reflect the hazard clearance at that point.

Profile clearance tool

The Profile clearance tool allows you to zero in on points along your route

Profile In Flight

Once you are airborne (> 40 knots), the Profile offers two inflight modes:

  • Aircraft mode abbreviates the Profile to display 50 nautical miles ahead on your track.
  • Route mode displays your entire planned route.

These modes are selectable via the Profile mode controller. In flight, the Aircraft mode continuously updates AGL and MSL values as you fly along.

New HUD instruments include Height AGL and Height MEF

New HUD instruments include Height AGL and Height MEF

You will also see two new instruments in the HUD: Height AGL and Height MEF. Height MEF (or dynamic Maximum Elevation Figure) is similar to VFR MEF and tells you the height of the highest obstacle or terrain within a 0.5 degree box around your current position.

Please note that Profile requires that you download obstacle and terrain data for offline use.

More Ways to File Smarter With Amend, Close, Cancel, and Activate Options

ForeFlight 6 builds on our integration with Lockheed Martin AFSS and we now offer you the ability to Activate and Close VFR flight plans, and Amend and Cancel both VFR and IFR flight plans, directly from the app.

New options to Activate, Close, Amend, and Cancel in the File & Brief view

New options to Activate, Close, Amend, and Cancel in the File & Brief view

One tip for streamlining your workflow is to Amend your IFR flight plan based on the expected route clearance update you receive via Flight Alerts (a ForeFlight Pro feature). Refiling with your expected route will set you up to be cleared as filed when you contact ATC. That’s less stress in the cockpit compared to copying down a new clearance.

Please note that amend, cancel, close, and activate via ForeFlight Mobile is not currently available with plans filed via DUATS.

New Stratus Features

ForeFlight 6 also comes with a free firmware upgrade for the Stratus 2 which will enable two new features: a split screen attitude indicator view and Stratus Replay. Extending iPad battery life is an important consideration, and the biggest battery savers are turning off the screen and turning down the brightness. Stratus Replay can effectively double the battery life of your iPad by allowing you to turn off the screen between uses. When the screen is turned on again, Stratus automatically sends ForeFlight any ADS-B weather that was missed, including radar, METARs, TAFs and PIREPs. This is helpful on a long cross country, offering 6+ hour battery life for your iPad and Stratus.

Stratus Replay is only available on Stratus 2, however Animated ADS-B radar is available to both ForeFlight Standard and Pro subscribers and on Stratus 1 and 2. Also note that ADS-B weather (and Stratus) requires iPad 2 or newer or iPhone 4 or newer.

Stratus’s built-in Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) drives the new split-screen attitude indicator view, providing backup attitude information to ForeFlight–complete with pitch, bank, ground speed, track and altitude. The attitude indicator updates multiple times per second so it moves smoothly, and it can be used in either portrait or landscape mode. While Stratus’s automatic AHRS calibration works in most cases, there are in app options for manual adjustment.

Attitude Indicator with ADS-B Traffic and Weather

Attitude Indicator with ADS-B Traffic and Weather

With these features, you can now view ADS-B weather, traffic, moving map and attitude all on the same screen.

ForeFlight 6 is a free update from the App Store and is available to all current subscribers. Click here for instructions on updating to the latest version.

ForeFlight Mobile HD 4 Lands in App Store

ForeFlight Mobile HD 4 is available for download today in the iTunes App Store! This release takes ForeFlight forward in delightful ways and lays the groundwork for brilliant features to come in 2011.

As we developed version 4, we set out these goals and themes:

  • Add airspace and A/FD data: provide the chart margin data and make the airport pages of the “green” A/FDs accessible. Provide this information in an interesting way. Include airspace information, MOA operating hours and frequencies, tower hours, and more.
  • Improve instrument plate organization and productivity: make it simple for both VFR and IFR pilots to organize sets of plates and airport diagrams for trips or practice sessions, and make switching between a plate, airport details page, or map simple.
  • Improve the way pilots interact with the map: allow a pilot to tap anywhere on the map for information on airspace, MOAs, alert and warning areas, or airports.
  • Radically improve the navigation log: provide the pilot more inflight intelligence about trip progress and allow customization of the dashboard/HUD to show desired trip information like ETEs, ETAs, course information, or other important stats (taking the route being flown into account). Auto-sequence waypoints and visually distinguish previous, current, and future trip legs. Make the new navlog and dashboard design smart and sexy.
  • Introduce personal waypoints: give the backcountry pilot, a Gulf helicopter pilot, or CFI flying to the practice area the ability to add custom waypoints and use them in flight plans. Let the pilot configure waypoints from the map or import their own database of waypoints.
  • Performance, performance, performance: make everything faster and smoother.
  • Make ForeFlight Mobile HD 4 a platform for the future: put the plumbing in place for the big features we plan to release in 2011 and cut ties with older, slower technology.
We’ve hit each of these goals in ForeFlight Mobile HD 4 and the app is ready for you to take it around the block. The Pilots’ Guide to ForeFlight  is updated with the latest ForeFlight 4 features.  A media kit including high resolution screenshots is also available on our website. All the version 4 details follow!

Integrated FAA A/FD

There’s just some airport information that is only available in those green A/FDs, so we decided to include them. Now appearing on an airports page is a new segment titled “A/FD”. Click that and you’ll see the relevant page for that airport from the FAA’s A/FD. If the airport is big enough to have warranted multiple pages in the book, simply swipe left or right to get to the next page.

All New Navlog

The new navlog design is sexy, sexy, sexy. Pilots have written in frequently asking “how hard is it to include ETE and ETA!”. Well, ETE and ETA are not hard to compute. However, taking the route and active leg into account and, more importantly, displaying that information in ForeFlight style took a bit of extra chiseling.

Now available from the Maps page is a new, wider navlog that shows important metrics like summary trip information, leg times and distances remaining, and ETA. Current leg is shown in black, previous legs are faded, and you can fly a leg or fly direct to a waypoint by tapping the new arrow button shown on each leg.

Configurable Dashboard

“Make it so that I can configure my dashboard”. Done! Tap on any of the blocks in the dashboard and select the instrument you want displayed. You can choose from fifteen different instrument types, including ETE to waypoint and destination, ETA to waypoint and destination, cross-track error, bearing to next waypoint or destination, Zulu time, GPS Accuracy, and more.

Interactive Map with Airspace Information

Need to know what airspace you are coming up on or if that MOA is active? Tap within an airspace boundary or special use airspace like a MOA, warning, alert, or prohibited area and all the required details are displayed. Want to know the details of that airport ahead? Simply tap on the airport and a popover is displayed with the airport information and a button to hop to that Airport’s details.

Plates Binders

The new Plates tab on the iPad makes it simple for both VFR and IFR pilots to organize sets of plates and airport diagrams for trips or practice sessions.  Easily add new plates to your binder from the Plates tab or when viewing a plate from Airports. Search for plates by keywords, like “KMIA ILS”.  Create multiple binders to store your trips and easily toggle between them.

Personal Waypoints

Flying in the backcountry, Alaska, Africa, Gulf of Mexico, or even to the local practice area often means flying to places that aren’t specifically marked on a sectional or enroute chart. With the new personal waypoints feature, you can import a large set of waypoints from a text file or use the map to add a waypoint for any location you touch. Give that personal waypoint a name and you can include it in your route search. Download the Pilot’s Guide for instructions.


We’ve made a short video that goes over the new additions and shows a quick demo of it in action.

Get it Today!

ForeFlight Mobile HD 4 is a big step forward, providing more information and content than ever before, more ways to improve productivity and organize your materials before a flight, a new navlog and configurable dashboard for monitoring progress, and even more performance and stability.  All of our screenshots show the iPad, but these great new features are available on the iPhone version, too.  The only exception is the Plates tab, which is only available on the iPad due to screen size requirements.

ForeFlight Mobile HD 4 is a free update for existing subscribers.  Click here to learn how to update your app.

For new users, ForeFlight Mobile HD 4 is a free download from the App Store and comes with a 30 day trial.

Thanks for making ForeFlight part of your flight bag and enjoy the update!

ForeFlight HD 3.8 with Terminal Procedure Printing, Offline NOTAMs, and Improved Airway Support

ForeFlight Mobile HD version 3.8 is now available for your iPad and iPhone! Download it today from the App Store and grab the latest update to the user manual.

Here is a rundown of the new features and bug fixes in 3.8:

  • Print Instrument Procedures with iOS 4.2 AirPrint (iPad only).  Only a small number of printers are supported now, but Apple is working to add more in the future.
  • NOTAMs are saved to your device after viewing.
  • Native city- or airport name-based search – no internet connection required. Put quotes around multi-word queries like “San Diego”.
  • Redesigned N-number/aircraft search with improved Aircraft views.
  • Soft-lock on procedures view now locks rotation on iPad, since the iPad lock-switch is now a mute switch in iOS 4.2.
  • iOS 4.2 compatibility with better fast-app switching support for iPad.
  • Improved airway support
    • Detection of intersection automatically when two airways put side by side
    • Automatically uses closest VOR on airway as exit/entry point when airport is adjacent to an airway in a route
    • Better support for joining airway to SID/STAR
  • Improved SID/STAR support (e.g. fixed issue where some waypoints would repeat).
  • Better performance in flight plan filing form on iOS 4.2 and fix for possible crash when exiting form on iPhone.
  • Fixed bug where BYOP procedures are not accessible from Favorites and Recents.
  • Fixed bug where maps would get clipped after rotating iPad on another view.
  • Fixed location tracking bug.
  • New settings (see ForeFlight section in iPad Settings app)
    • Change type of aircraft shown on Maps when in motion.
    • Disable auto-hide of toolbar in full screen approach plate viewer.
  • Fixed issue preventing a tap of the top status/time bar from scrolling to top of view in Airport details (iPhone).

The Pilot’s Guide to ForeFlight Mobile

We’ve updated our user manual, the Pilot’s Guide to ForeFlight Mobile HD.  Click here to get the latest version of the manual.

How to Get 3.8

New to ForeFlight?  Download ForeFlight Mobile HD today from the App Store!

Already have the app?  Follow these instructions for updating the app on your iPad or iPhone.

Need a group plan or backup subscription? View group pricing here.

External iPad GPS Receivers for ForeFlight HD

ForeFlight is announcing support for external GPS receivers for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch. We’ve collected a great deal of data about how the iPad and iPhone built-in GPS receivers work in the cockpit, and quickly came to the conclusion that an external GPS receiver option is sorely needed for these devices.  With those needs in mind, we tested a variety of options over the last few months and finally found two hardware solutions that are up to the task of keeping oriented in the flight environment.

For the latest recommended devices, please visit ForeFlight’s iPad Buying Guide for Pilots. This page has the most up-to-date recommendations.

Pilots flying with ForeFlight can benefit from an external GPS.  For iPad WIFI+3G owners, these devices can replace the built-in GPS receiver for significantly better reliability and more consistent accuracy values.  For customers with devices lacking an internal GPS receiver, like the iPad WiFi-only model, these devices allow in-flight GPS positioning that isn’t otherwise possible.  These devices are authorized by Apple and require no special modifications to iPad or iPhone hardware.

Many of our customer know that we believed the GPS receiver in the iPad was not up to certain tasks and thus we intentionally avoided building in features that would lead pilots to believe otherwise. For example, showing GPS location on an approach plate without higher-quality GPS hardware was a bad idea, in our opinion – too many customers reported intermittent loss of GPS signal from the iPad or iPhone. With the availability of this newer hardware, however, we intend to open access to features that can benefit from this enhanced hardware. Stay tuned.

ForeFlight Mobile HD 3.7 with Airport Fuel Prices, Airways, SID/STAR, Direct-To, and iPhone Touch Planning

ForeFlight Mobile HD version 3.7 is now available! Download it today from the App Store and grab the latest version of the user manual.

This update is a big one, delivering a breadth of new functionality to both the iPad and iPhone. Included are features we have all wanted for a while – like airway ‘cracking’, airport fuel prices, and FBO comments. Also, our iPhone-only customers have patiently awaited the iPad’s touch planning capabilities.  Today, their wait is over – this release includes fully integrated touch planning on the iPhone. The first time we saw it, we were pretty excited. Hopefully it blows your hair back a bit!

We took our time with each of these big new features and added some very ForeFlight-esque user experience gems along the way. We also polished up some of our screens, giving them a fresh face to improve contrast and readability.

On our team and in the ForeFlight community, we’re using iPads and iPhones more often than browsers now when planning flights. The new features in version 3.7 bring even more resources to your devices, allowing you to further cut the cord from your browser and desktop computer. With the introduction of iPhone and iPad airport fuel prices, airway support, FBO comments, and more in version 3.7, you will be more productive with ForeFlight HD than ever before!

First, here’s a short video introducing the big new features:

Fuel Prices and Fuel Updates

We’re really excited to bring fuel prices to ForeFlight Mobile, and we’ve added this feature in a very ForeFlight way. Not only do we provide 100LL/JetA fuel prices for thousands of FBOs, but ForeFlight customers can submit their own price updates. Coverage is awesome, and includes more than 2,300 FBOs across the US and Canada, showing prices in the appropriate currency and measurement units.

We built two new fuel price maps – a 100LL map and a Jet-A map – that show you the lowest prices at any given airport and, via some statistical magic, dynamically color code the prices region.  It shows what’s most economical (green), average (yellow), and expensive (red) according to the region in which the FBO is located. Expensive in Texas may be cheap in California, so ForeFlight dynamically adjusts the display for regional differences.

FBO and Airport Comments

ForeFlight users are some of the smartest pilots on the runway. Learn from their experience by viewing comments for an airport or an FBO.  Have something to share?  Submit your own comment about an airport or FBO from inside the app. We review all comments to ensure they are courteous and professional, and the usually appear in the app within 24 hours.

Airway and SID/STAR Support

ForeFlight Mobile HD now supports airways (victor, jet, etc). The app supports complex, multi-runway departures, entrances and exits from airways,  and even allows round-trip-editing with touch planning. Have you ever wanted to see where an entire airway runs from and to? Search for just an airway identifier to see all its elements on the map (try V16 in the Maps view) or include an airway in the middle of your routing.  Airways require a start and end point when used in a route, for example: MOONN V90 DKK

3.7 also includes SID/STAR support in the Routes and Maps view. For example, type in KCLT 36R.MERIL5 RDU J209 ORF J121 SIE CAMRN4 KJFK. Want to see what other pilots are flying? View cleared ATC routes from a departure to a destination, and cycle through each of the available options to see the route of flight with all airway and waypoints drawn on the map.

Always refer to the official arrival/departure plate from the Airport view, as the ForeFlight Maps view is not able to show vectors, altitude info, and certain other details you’ll need.  If an arrival or departure requires a particular runway input, you will be prompted to provide it, with an example.

Revamped Maps with Direct-To and iPhone Touch Planning

We rewrote our map engine to make it more flexible and support some great new features.  Direct-To is available from a waypoint or directly from touch planning.  Just tap the direct-to D to get a direct-to-routing. You can also jump directly from a waypoint to the Airports details page by tapping the blue > icon.

With 3.7, touch planning is now available for the iPhone.  This works just like touch planning on the iPad – we were all blown away the first time we saw it in action.

Simplified Download Settings and Turbo Mode

The download settings are now greatly simplified: just pick your regions once, the data you care about once, then hit Download to grab the data. You no longer need to select individual states within each catalog. If you’re upgrading from an earlier version, all of your settings will be migrated to the new system.

Users with an iPad, iPhone 3GS, or iPhone 4 can take advantage of turbo downloads. Depending on your connection speed, up to four downloads will run at the same time. And no matter what device you’re running on, VFR and IFR charts will install much faster than earlier versions – usually in under a second!

Other Enhancements:

  • More runway details including displaced threshold lengths, runway headings, and more.
  • ATC routes now load in Maps when selected.
  • Edit button on File & Brief to easily delete flight plants.
  • Maps button on File & Brief to jump over to maps and visualize your route of flight.
  • Sunrise/set times now honor the “show local times” on/off setting.
  • Over 60 new high-res images for iPhone 4′s retina screen.  Almost all of the images have been converted now.
  • Freshened the design of the airport, METAR, TAF, and FBO views for a cleaner and more compact look.
  • Support for DUATS’ degree and min lat/lon in Routes/Maps. Ex: 3006/-08045
  • Support for a new waypoint/bearing/distance format in Routes/Maps.  Ex: GSO230015
  • ScratchPad uses slightly smaller line when drawing.

Bug fixes:

  • Better handling of downloads with low disk space.
  • Faster deletion of downloads.
  • Fixed bug on Maps where current location indicator and pop-ups appeared beneath route line.
  • Fixed bug on main iPhone screen where badge indicator had black background instead of a pretty shadow.
  • Fixed bug on iPhone with per-airport downloads of procedures.

The Pilot’s Guide to ForeFlight Mobile

We’ve updated our user manual, the Pilot’s Guide to ForeFlight Mobile HD.  Click here to get the latest version of the manual.

How to Get 3.7

New to ForeFlight?  Download ForeFlight Mobile HD today from the App Store!

Already have the app?  Follow these instructions for updating the app on your iPad or iPhone.

Need a group plan or backup subscription? View group pricing here.

Aviation Touch Planning on the iPad with ForeFlight Mobile HD 3.6

Attention pilots: the “Touch Planning” release is here! ForeFlight Mobile HD v3.6 is now available in the App Store. Tap out flight plans in seconds with your fingers, bend routes around weather, move waypoints, delete waypoints, and more. “Touch Plan” your flight to Airventure, send us a screenshot, and we’ll post it on the ForeFlight Facebook Page!

Please note: touch planning is an iPad-only feature for now. We hope to add it to the iPhone version in a future release.

Touch Planning Instructions [Video]:
* Tap-and-hold anywhere on the map until a pop-up appears. Select the lat/lon location under your finger, or select one of the nearby locations.
* Tap-and-hold somewhere else on the map and select the location. This location will be added to your route.
* Tap-and-hold the route line until it changes color, then drag to break and bend the route.
* Tap-and-hold a location marker to move it or delete it.
* Rinse and repeat for silky smooth flight plans!

This version also introduces “Bring your Own Procedures” (BYOP). Build a zip file of PDFs you want to display within an Airport’s procedures list – terminal procedures from your home country, specialized kneeboard PDFs, airport diagrams showing incursion hotspots, classified military guides, or procedures from other digital sources. Any PDF is supported. View the ForeFlight Support web site for full instructions.

Additional Features in ForeFlight Mobile v3.6
✣ Fast app switching for iPhone OS 4
✣ Enhanced graphics for iPhone 4′s retina display
✣ GPS position tracking activates on Maps view automatically now
✣ New “Cockpit” button on moving map to engage the heads up display (iPad-only); targeting location now toggles auto-center mode
✣ Worldwide international navigational aids (search for country code, a colon, then the navaid IDENT, e.g. “CA:2Z”)
✣ In Settings, select whether to use the white street basemap or dark basemap when viewing Radar and Satellite Maps
✣ In Settings, select your preferred latitude/longitude display format
✣ Enhanced FBO fuel availability information
✣ Gulf of Mexico block navigation data for Bristow, PHI, and other GOM transport providers supporting gulf drilling operations

Ready to join the iPad Aviation Revolution?  ForeFlight Mobile HD is a free download in the App Store and includes the first 30 days of your subscription.

Already a ForeFlighter?  View instructions for how to update to the app.

Important Note for Users Updating to v3.6.
After updating the app, please check the Accounts screen to make sure your expiration date is correct. We are seeing an occasional bug during app updates where the account information is lost. If this happens, please sign in using your ForeFlight Account information.

Please be assured we are doing everything we can to track down this bug and get it fixed. If you run into any problems, email us and we will get you back up and running ASAP.

Moving Map and Routes on the iPad, ForeFlight Mobile 3.5

The iPad Aviation era keeps getting better. ForeFlight Mobile HD 3.5 is now in the App Store, bringing our moving map, heads-up display to the iPad! Tap the locate button to see your aircraft position and track. Users who enjoyed spitballing routes with the iPhone version will be happy to find this integrated into the ‘Maps’ tab on the iPad. With v3.5, all of the functionality in the iPhone version is available on the iPad! We also improved the radar and satellite on both the iPhone and iPad, with color-coded freezing precipitation, county-level warnings, and a new visible+infrared composite satellite.

New users can download ForeFlight Mobile 3.5 HD from the App Store today!
Already have the app? Click here for instructions on how to update to v3.5.

ForeFlight Slip Maps™ on the iPad and iPhone are amazing, with full-screen HD NEXRAD, satellite, flight rules, sectionals and more. Version 3.5 brings these to the next level, with killer new features done ‘ForeFlight Style’!

  • Moving-map, heads up display for iPad with groundspeed, track, altitude, and GPS accuracy
  • Locator icon changes to an aircraft when track available
  • Animated radar and satellite for iPad
  • New visible+infrared composite satellite
  • Airport-level radar and satellite (see cells on or around the airport)
  • Redesigned artwork for lightning, mesocyclone, tornado, and hail activity
  • New base-map for radar and satellite providing street and airport level detail

With v3.5, routes are fully integrated into the iPad version. Instead of making routes a standalone window like the iPhone, we took advantage of the huge iPad screen and integrated them into our Maps. Search for a route in the top-right of Maps tab to see both the route line and a navlog overlay with detailed information about distance, course, fuel burn, and time. Want to see more of the map? Just tap the minimize button and the navlog gets out of your way!

  • View the navlog with ETE, fuel, distance, and headwind component
  • One tap to file a flight plan, look up ATC routes, or reverse the route
  • Favorite routes and recent routes
  • Remembers and displays your last saved route after you exit
  • Great circle route drawing
  • Routes can now include lat/lon values like 32.3N/82.2W

Version 3.5 is also stock full of performance improvements and bug fixes:

  • Improved memory management
  • iPhone OS 4 compatibility
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a download to fail
  • Fixed a crash caused by zooming on long routes
  • Fixed a bug that caused blank tiles on sectional maps

ForeFlight Mobile 3 HD Lands on iPad App Store

Today we are announcing a remarkable upgrade to ForeFlight Mobile 3 as well as a slight name change that conveys the strength of this update. Many of you have asked us over the past few weeks if ForeFlight Mobile 3 would work on Apple’s iPad. Well, we’re finally ready to announce what we’ve been working on!

ForeFlight Mobile 3 High Definition (HD)

ForeFlight Mobile 3 HD showing HD NEXRAD and Airport Information

Why the HD? The HD label means ForeFlight Mobile 3 runs gloriously on the new Apple iPad.  True to ForeFlight style, we’ve designed ForeFlight Mobile 3 HD from the ground up for iPad, carefully crafting every screen to support this remarkable new device.  iPad Aviation has arrived!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

How do I get ForeFlight Mobile 3 HD?

If you already have ForeFlight Mobile 3, all of the new iPad features come as an update to your existing ForeFlight Mobile 3 app.  Simply download the latest version (v3.2.2) on your phone via the ‘Updates’ tab in the App Store.  This automatically upgrades your current version from ForeFlight Mobile 3 to ForeFlight Mobile 3 HD.  On your iPhone, the app will run exactly like before. But launch it on an iPad, and you’ll see ForeFlight Mobile in full HD!

What’s the cost?

For existing ForeFlight Mobile 3 subscribers, this is a free upgrade.  You can run ForeFlight Mobile 3 on one iPhone and one iPad without needing to buy any additional license or subscription.

For new customers to ForeFlight Mobile 3, the app is a free download from the iTunes App Store and includes the first month of your subscription.  This download runs on both your iPhone and iPad.  You can purchase a subscription extension inside the app: $24.99 for 3 months or $74.99/year. Customers upgrading from any version of ForeFlight Mobile 2 pay only $49.99 for the first year of their subscription.

Never before have you been able to download airport data for 27,000 airports; NACO plates for the entire US; airport data from UVTripPlanner, the FAA, and the AOPA; plus get HD NEXRAD, satellite and other weather maps and more for only $74.99 a year. Not only can you preview plates and airport data on your iPad, but you can listen to a little Rock and Roll from your music collection while you do.

If you don’t yet have an iPad yet, you can still purchase a subscription from within ForeFlight Mobile 3 HD running on your iPhone.

What’s Next on the iPad

Redesigning for iPad was a huge task, so we first focused on features that take advantage of the big display: plates, maps, weather, downloads, and airport data. Some features aren’t yet available when running ForeFlight Mobile 3 HD on the iPad:

  • routes screen
  • flight plan filing and briefing
  • animation for radar and satellite
  • aircraft management

We’re working to add those in a future update, so stay tuned! All of this functionality is still available when running ForeFlight Mobile 3 HD on the iPhone – we didn’t take anything away.

Is iPad + ForeFlight Mobile 3 HD the ‘Holy Grail’?

For years pilots have longed for a device that is light weight, readable, bright, sips power, and can comfortably hold an entire set of plates, charts, airport data, weather, and more. The iPad plus a copy of ForeFlight Mobile 3 HD is definitely that. We’re not striving for the ‘Holy Grail’ – that’s a bit too much for our small team to tackle. We’re striving for great productivity features at an affordable price.

We’ve intentionally focused on features that make the most out of the iPad’s great features, and minimized focus on those that aren’t ready for prime-time aviation use. For example, ForeFlight Mobile 3 HD is the perfect app for viewing airport information, terminal procedures, charts, and weather. Since the WiFi-only version of the iPad has no GPS receiver (and the 3G iPad’s GPS only works when not in “airplane” mode), we advise against using the iPad as a replacement for avionics or for navigation.

We believe that saving iPad-owning pilots money on terminal procedure, sectional charts, and airport data subscriptions is a great first step, and we believe ForeFlight Mobile 3 HD is an elegant solution for doing just that. Download the plates, charts, and airport data you need via ForeFlight Mobile 3 HD’s download manager; pinch, zoom, and pan your way across charts; manage your favorite airports; quickly access plates; and more.

Is the iPad the ‘Holy Grail’ for aviation? That remains to be seen and you won’t hear us using that label, but as software developers we are blown away by this device and its potential.  We’re inspired and excited that our focus on Apple devices has provided us the opportunity to bring ForeFlight Mobile 3 HD to you.


We invested in our digital content delivery network to ensure a fast, reliable download experience. ForeFlight uses 22 servers placed around the globe for efficient delivery of digital data. Our goal is for you to have confidence that when you are at home or in the FBO, our network of servers will speedily deliver the data you need to access when you are away from a network connection.

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ForeFlight Mobile 3 HD is a step forward, and the future is bright! Aviation has changed, and you’re pocket book is a beneficiary. It’s been a pleasure applying our craftsmanship to this new version. We hope you enjoy using it as much as we’ve enjoyed building it.

Blue skies!
The ForeFlight Team