Introducing ForeFlight MFB One

The All-in-ONE Solution for Military Mission Planning

Bring the power of the mission planning system into the cockpit with ForeFlight’s most advanced subscription plan built for military aviators. Combining complex mission planning capabilities – from aerial refueling to JET briefing requests – with your existing data and workflows, MFB One takes integrated military flight planning to a whole new level.

Join us for a live webinar on October 6th with ForeFlight’s Military Flight Bag team to check out these innovative features and learn how you can incorporate them into your workflow.

Enroute Fuel Changes

Take the guesswork out of planning aerial refueling. Whether crossing the Atlantic or training at your home station, MFB One can generate an accurate aerial refueling plan in seconds.

Time on Target™
Instantly upgrade any aircraft with this powerful in-cockpit tool that gets you where you need to be at exactly the right time. Never miss a contact time – or a kickoff – ever again.

Official DD-175-1 Weather Briefings from the USAF

Get an approved, legal DOD weather brief at home or on the go. In just two taps, submit your flight plan to live USAF 557th Weather Wing professionals who will craft you an official DD-175-1 Mission Execution Forecast.

Planning with DOD Obstacles
Say goodbye to eCHUM. Plan safer flights with a complete and always up-to-date set of DOD obstacles – more than 20 million worldwide! Backed by the incredibly detailed Digital Vertical Obstruction File, MFB One lets you fly low-levels with confidence.

U.S. Air Force Weather in 3D

Icing and Turbulence Layers from the 557th Weather Wing are now available in 3D preview, aiding safe and effective operation of aircraft and sensors in difficult weather.

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