New Caribbean VFR Charts Available in ForeFlight

Two new Caribbean VFR sectional charts, recently published by the FAA, are now available in ForeFlight. The Caribbean 1 and Caribbean 2 charts cover the Caribbean and the Bahamas and replace the World Aeronautical Charts (WACs) that cover this region. In case you missed it, the FAA is in the process of phasing out WACs.

US VFR Caribbean chart

View the new Caribbean 1 and Caribbean 2 charts in the U.S. VFR sectional map layer.

You can view the new charts in the U.S. VFR sectional map layer, and they are available to download by anyone with a ForeFlight subscription that includes the U.S. geographic region. You can download them by enabling the switch for VFR Charts and selecting Florida and Puerto Rico in the United States download settings.

The WACs covering the Caribbean will be available in ForeFlight until they expire: CJ-26 expires on February 1, 2018 and CJ-27 expires on March 29, 2018. After these dates, the charts will no longer be available for download in the app.